May 13, 2018

Most people would know that music and health are closely related. But how exactly does music affect your health and wellbeing?

This article by Zoe Cormier explains the link between music and health very well. A short quote from this article sums it up beautifully: there is much scientific evidence to show that there really is a link between music and health, from what goes on in our brain to the micro-world of our very cells:

Scientific studies – ranging from investigations of the brain at a cellular level, to psychiatric assessments of schizophrenics, to linguistic scores in stroke patients – are all leading to the same conclusion: music isn’t just a form of entertainment, it is evolutionarily significant. And the more we learn about the impact of music on the brain, the more we understand how it can be employed as a therapeutic intervention.

What we found most incredible about this article is that the brain stem, the most historic part of our brain, responds to music, but not to spoken language. How amazing!