Bambu Soprano Saxophone Microfibre Body Swab

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Bambú’s microfibre cleaning kits and swabs absorb humidity and grease rapidly and without leaving any residues.

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Every Saxophone player would know how dust, grease and dirt easily accumulate on the surface and on the inside of the instrument over time. Conventional cleaning clothes often cause more harm than good to the instrument. This is where Bambú’smicrofiber cleaning kits and swabs emerge as a clear winner. Their higher ability to absorb makes them perfect for getting rid of humidity and grease fromyour Saxophone without leaving behind any residue. Much like a magnet, the microfiber removes dust, dirt and oils from the instrument and allows you to restore it back to mint condition. The woven filaments which this microfiber is made of are 100 times thinner than an average human hair. This product has been designed to guarantee an excellent maintenance of the inner part of the instrument. Unlike conventional cleaning clothes it doesn’t cause any scratches to the instrument and lets you maintain its lustre.

Also available for other woodwind instruments.


Weight 53 g
Dimensions 250 × 135 × 20 mm

Product Type

Cleaning Cloth

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