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Earn an extra buck or two while by guiding your music students, followers and friends to the products you believe in and stand behind. By simply promoting the products we sell at Leisure Coast Wind & Brass, you will immediately earn a 4% commission on every successful online sale you have generated for us. This is an automated process for which you need a unique referral link. Your unique code allows us to assign the sales commission to the correct affiliate.


  • You are a clarinet teacher and you regularly recommend the Vandoren B45 mouthpieces to your students. We sell these in our online store for $187 including postage. Recommend us to your students using your unique referral link, and when they purchase, you earn 4% of the sale price. In this example, that means $7.48 – simply for sharing a link. There is nothing else to do.

Our affiliate program is currently limited to certain products (mainly the more expensive ones), and depending on its success, may or may not be extended at a later stage.

Benefits of the LCWB affiliate program:

  • 4% commission on every sale.
  • Wide variety of links and banners to choose from to place on your own website, blog, Facebook page, Instagram feed,…
  • Comprehensive reporting tools for tracking sales, commissions and traffic.
  • Payouts from $50 earned.
  • Partnering with LCWB means your audience will have access to high quality products such as Vandoren, Selmer, Maxton, Bach, Steuer, Barkley Brazil, and way more. Signing up for the LCWB affiliate program is free, easy and only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

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