Syrinx SFL-301C Student Flute with Curved Headjoint


The Syrinx SFL-301C student flute with straight and curved head joint is the perfect package for the student flautist, offering a closed holes, offset G, split E, a C-foot, and a 2 year Australia-wide limited warranty.

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Every budding flute player should stop looking for their first student flute right now; we have the perfect option for you.

This silver plated Syrinx SFL-301C student flute has closed holes, offset G, a split E and a C-foot. The flute comes with both a straight and a curved head joint, a padded carry bag, cleaning stick and cleaning cloth. Add to that a 2 year Australia-wide limited warranty, and you have the complete package for those taking their first steps in the world of flute playing.


We offer a 2 year, Australia-wide limited warranty on every new Syrinx instrument. That warranty comes directly from us, right here at Leisure Coast Wind & Brass. That way, you don’t have to deal with call centres overseas – simply call us when there’s a problem.

As well as this, we run a specialised woodwind and brass repair shop, so we’ll check over your brand-new student flute before it ships. That way, we can guarantee it will play, straight out of the box. In fact, if it doesn’t, you can send it back and we’ll refund you – no questions asked.

This flute is perfectly suited to beginning players, however, the incredible quality will also satisfy many intermediate players. It offers an easy response, beautiful tone and solid construction. The flute plays flawlessly and easily throughout all registers and offers a crisp response.

Why a curved headjoint?

More and more flute teachers, both in Australia and overseas, are understanding the importance of ergonomics and using the curved headjoint with younger players. The curved head joint is a fantastic addition to the flute. It will help younger players avoid back pain and injuries. Older and/or taller students will use the straight headjoint. In other words, as your child grows, you will not need another flute straight away – simply swap out the headjoint. This flute is also available with a straight headjoint only (SFL-301) for those who don’t need a curve.

Want something more? Check out the Syrinx SFL311 flute. It’s virtually the same, only better: it features a sterling silver lip plate for a beautifully crisp sound.

Who exactly is behind this brand, Syrinx?

Syrinx is one of the newest and fastest growing instrument brands on the Australian market, and we are proud to say that we here at Leisure Coast Wind & Brass are the owners of this brand. It has made a name among players of all ages and levels. All instruments offered by this brand are known for their beautiful tone, stable pitch, solid construction and easy response. In addition, Syrinx instruments can save you hundreds of dollars compared to similar instruments by the big name brands.

What sets us apart from the many other online offers is simply the sheer quality of these instruments for the price you pay. Every single Syrinx instrument we sell has been thoroughly researched and tested by both teachers and performers, as well as musical instrument repair technicians. Whereas many other lesser known brands do not make spare parts available, we stock the spare parts for our instruments. That way, if something breaks, we guarantee you that it can be fixed right here in Australia. We have been selling these instruments for over 5 years now and see them coming back for servicing, year after year. We are incredibly proud to say that they hold up beautifully because of the quality parts and plating/lacquer used in the manufacturing process.

Simply put, these are some of the best value-for-money musical instruments available today. The great quality, the moderate price tag and the standard two year Australia-wide warranty guarantee a playing experience like no other.


  • Student flute with closed holes.
  • Silver plated body and head joints.
  • Straight and curved head joints included.
  • C-foot.
  • Offset G.
  • Split E (this facilitates playing high E).
  • Flute is delivered in a hard shell case and a soft padded carry bag to ensure maximum security for your new flute (see photos).
  • Cleaning rod and polishing cloth included.
  • 2 year Australia wide warranty included (details available upon simple request).


Weight1500 g
Dimensions420 × 155 × 75 mm

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