Rico Royal Tenor Sax Reeds 3.0 – 3 pack

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The Rico Royal reed combines the features of the traditional Rico cut with a French file. Designed for more advanced players, Rico Royal offers an even response across the registers and more clarity in the sound.

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Is your Tenor saxophone tone getting thinner? Is your sound not blending properly? Is your woodwind instrument producing squeaking sounds? If yes, thenit may betime to replace the reed.

Sax reeds are expensive and aren’t always consistent. Rico Royal cane reeds are built from natural products, and designed for excellent quality and precision. The reeds are cut thinly and French filed for superior resonance and harmonics. Furthermore, it helps enhance the clarity of intonation on the saxophone. Each reed is available with strength 3.0, which makes it suitable for learners who seek comfort.

The unique French file cut also helps achieve natural soft attacks seamlessly. The reeds are quite efficient to deliver a fast and consistent response while playing the musical instrument. Particularly on low notes, theyprovide an optimal response that ensures excellent playability. For this reason, the Rico Royal Tenor Sax Reeds are loved by classical and jazz players alike.

  • Premium grade cane reeds to deliver a rich, warm tone with improved depth
  • 0 strength is suitable for advancing saxophonists
  • Shorter vamp offers higher focus for complex passages and precise playing
  • Well-balanced, thinner rid tip for quicker response

Rico Royal Tenor Sax Reeds are your best bet, having exceptional reed performance at a pocket-friendly price.


Weight 20 g
Dimensions 165 × 90 × 10 mm
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