Bremner Sshhmute Trumpet/Cornet Straight Mute


The sshhtraight mutes are the latest line of brass mutes by sshhmute. Lightweight, perfectly in tune and resistant to bumps and drops, this is a must-have mute!

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The sshhtraight mutes are the latest line of brass mutes by sshhmute. So… what makes the sshhtraight different to other brands of straight mutes??

For starters, it is made with the same hard-wearing and light-weight ABS plastic Bremner uses for their sshhmute and whisper mutes. Not only does this make the mute light to carry around, but the ABS plastic results in giving the mute a warmer tone, as opposed to the metallic sound of most straight mutes on the market.

Adding to this, the mute is very free blowing and perfectly in tune right through the range… top to bottom!

Currently designed for Trumpet/Cornet, the sshhtraight mute is a must-have!

Features of the sshhMute…

  • Gives accurate tuning throughout the range.
  • Has an improved resistance factor, allowing you to extend practice sessions and enhances pitching and accuracy.
  • Designed to fit into all brands and models of instruments without compromising effectiveness.
  • It is made from lightweight ABS plastic which will not cause your instrument to feel any heavier when playing.
  • Won’t dent if you happen to drop it.
  • It is competitively priced, yet offers more benefits than most other mutes.
  • Now with the improved cork on the mute for a better firmer staying fit.


Weight 65 g
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 100 mm
Product Type

Straight Mute

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