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Bambú’s cork grease has been specially designed to lubricate the joints of wind instruments. It preserves the flexibility and impermeability of the cork and it helps to seal micropores avoiding air leaks. Comes in a 4.5 gram stick.

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If you play woodwind instruments such as the clarinet, the oboe, the saxophone or the bassoon, you are well aware of the need to lubricate the joints as a part of your regular maintenance and care regime. The Bambú Cork Grease Stick should be a part of your kit as it helps you keep your instrument in perfect condition and also derive best performance out of it. The Cork Grease Stick is an ideal product for sealing all the micro pores in the corks of your instrument and adds to its flexibility. This premium quality product helps in extending the life of your cork. It is extremely easy to apply and helps your instrument’s cork maintain its natural structure unlike other greases that tend to dry out.

The cork grease comes in a 4.5 gram stick.


Weight 10 g
Dimensions 70 × 20 × 20 mm
Product Type

Cork Grease


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