Danzi Professional Bassoon Reed Medium

Danzi bassoon reeds are made in Milan, from cane from the Var region in France. The quality of Danzi reeds is renowned worldwide and appreciated by the best soloists and in the best orchestras in the world.

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Danzi bassoon reeds are made in Milan, Italy. Original founder of the company Ovidio Danzi was able to achieve the best results thanks to his long-standing experience, which he gained during his twenty-five years as solo bassoonist in the Teatro alla Scala Orchestra in Milan, as well as to his constant research about the physical and dynamic features of canes and the shape of reeds. These experiences led him to a reed production on a large scale. The quality of his products is renowned and appreciated by the best soloists and in the best orchestras in the world.

The cane used is the highest quality cane from the French region of Var. It is able to fulfil the most sophisticated needs of the best instrumentalists, as well as the ones of the younger students.

Danzi offers a number of different bassoon reeds:

  • Danzi Student bassoon reeds are ready, easy, balanced reeds. They are used by students or by professionals who need to study for several hours. They have a fluid sound and a flowing sound intensity.
  • Professional hard reeds have an intense body and a resolute sound. It stands out among other instruments and it is their queen. Its intense, warm, penetrating colour will exalt you. Recommended for professionals who love playing in an exalting and passionate way.
  • Professional medium hard reeds offer a rich, brilliant sound, with a great range of harmonics. Their sound improves with time and develops with the musician. Recommended for those who play as a first bassoon in an orchestra or in a wind ensemble.
  • Professional soft reeds are characterised by their delicate, sweet sound with golden shades. They are especially used by those who play in instrumental bands of chamber music or as a first bassoon in a symphonic orchestra.
  • Professional 9.2 Danzi reeds have the same parameters as the above described reeds, but are slightly larger, by 2 thousandths, than the previous ones.


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