Hetman #7 Synthetic Slide Gel

Hetman #7 Heavy-Bodied Slide Grease is a high-viscosity slide gel that provides a long-lasting seal and smooth slide motion. It does not bunch or cake up in the slide tubes.

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A must have in every brass and woodwind musician’s kitty, the Hetman #7 Heavy-Bodied Slide Grease has been designed to achieve smooth action with valve slides and tuning slides. This advanced formulation prevents wear and tear on the instrument and allows musicians to achieve desired performance from their instruments. Compatible with petroleum based lubricants, it helps in preventing gumming problems after the application of the lubricant, with its effect lasting longer than other lubricants.

Hetman #7 Heavy-Bodied Slide Grease is a highly viscous slide grease, having been formulated to provide long-lasting seal and also produce a smooth slide motion. Unlike traditional lubricants available in the market this slide gel doesn’t accumulate or cake up inside the slide tubes. It is the first choice maintenance lubricant for both loose and tight fitting slides.

More on Hetman Musical Instrument Lubricants

The extensive range of Hetman Musical Instrument Lubricants constitutes an application-specific system of advanced instrument care for the discriminating musician. This system of lubricants was developed to go beyond the limitations of conventional oils and provide a new level of instrument performance and longevity.

Ongoing wear and weakening of the instrument’s air seal due to improper lubrication are serious threats to the performing artist. The negative effects include unsure response, diminishing resonance and clarity, erratic intonation, and unreliable action. An extensive research and envelopment project was therefore undertaken to engineer a comprehensive system of lubricants that would satisfy the following criteria:

  • Nontoxic Formula – each lubricant is nontoxic.
  • Leading-Edge Technology – each lubricant embodies the most advanced technology, providing superior, longer-lasting performance, and protection against wear and corrosion.
  • Compatibility – each lubricant is compatible with conventional petroleum-based oils, avoiding potential gumming problems associated with some synthetics.
  • Application-specific – each lubricant’s viscosity and formulation is designed for its specific application.
  • Easy Application – each lubricant is packaged with a dispensing system that allows convenient application to the most difficult-to-reach lubrication points.
  • Application Guide – an easy-to-follow application guide is available that describes the suggested use of each product.

Hetman Musical Instrument Lubricants achieve the optimum balance between quick action and protection of vital components. Hetman lubricants are formulated in special viscosity grades that meet the specific requirements of the artist, and best suit the individual character of the artist’s instrument. Performers are afforded the feel and confidence of a smooth, consistent action, while the longevity of their treasured instrument is prolonged by the unique formulation of each lubricant.

Hetman Musical Instrument Lubricants allow superior performance and protection to be realised immediately upon application. Although pre-cleaning is not required, maximum performance and protection is achieved by applying Hetman lubricants to a thoroughly cleaned instrument. The unique formulation of Hetman Musical Instrument Lubricants provides unprecedented levels of both performance and protection.


Weight 35 g
Dimensions 110 × 40 × 40 mm
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Slide Oil

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