JodyJazz DV Alto Sax Mouthpiece #9*

The unparalleled Jody Jazz DV Series of 24kt Gold Plated Metal Saxophone Mouthpieces deliver free blowing power with an unusually full tone.

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Each mouthpiece in the Jody Jazz DV Series of 24kt Gold Plated Metal Saxophone Mouthpieces delivers free blowing power with an unusually full tone. The DVs do not sacrifice a big full saxophone sound for power.

What is the Jody Jazz DV Alto Sax Mouthpiece?

Jody Espina, president and founder of Jody Jazz, has introduced the concept of Golden Section Proportions to the art of high end saxophone mouthpiece design. The DV Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece has a perfect chamber/bore/facing combination that will result in an extraordinary playing experience for you.

Effortless Power & Beauty

Nature, science and imagination combine to create a revolutionary new saxophone mouthpiece. Jody Espina has designed the JodyJazz DV using proportions and principles found in nature. For the most effortless playing experience of your life, we invite you to try the DV.

“Dream Come True”

The new facing curve on the Jody Jazz DV Mouthpieces results in absolutely no dead spots in the vibration of the reed. In other words, all notes in all ranges respond equally. This alto sax mouthpiece has a husky barrel-chested tone while being able to sing and soar over the top of any band. Sub toning and low notes are extremely easy and the altissimo is out of this world. Intonation is spot on. Be prepared to have possibly the most fun you ever have had on the saxophone.

Players who now or in the past have played Guardala, Dukoff, Beechler, Jumbo Java, SR Tech, Vandoren V16, Yanigisawa, or any of the bright mouthpieces out there will be sure to love The DV. This is not just another bright mouthpiece. There will be noticeable differences and improvements.

Straight ahead jazz players who tend to favour mouthpieces that are just a little brighter than most mainstream dark mouthpieces have a very high chance of making the DV their new alto mouthpiece. Many converts to the DV came from playing the most popular hard rubber jazz pieces. These players almost always think that they won’t like a metal alto mouthpiece and they are surprised every time.

All saxophone players are amazed to find a saxophone mouthpiece that works so efficiently, where the articulation is clean and one can easily go from low to high and vice versa.

The DV is manufactured on the most sophisticated computer controlled lathes and mills, yet the DV benefits from a high degree of hand finishing. The attention to detail in design and finishing given to the DV results in a stunning work of art that plays like a dream come true.

The DV Difference

  1. Phi Proportions (Golden Section Proportioning): the proportions that are found in the Stradivarius Violin, the Nautilus shell, the dolphin, human beings, the Ancient Pyramids and much more, are now used for the first time on a saxophone mouthpiece. These proportions result in a chamber that increases harmonics, making the sound bigger and richer.
  2. Secondary Window: the moving sound wave inside of the mouthpiece is now able to strike the vibrating reed above the bore of the mouthpiece instead of the mouthpiece material that is usually there. The effect is similar to a moving ball striking a moving bat.
  3. New Facing Technology and Curve: Jody Jazz invested in new CNC technology and have come up with a proprietary way of putting on a new facing curve, which is perfect every time.

Special Notes on the DV

Due to the free blowing nature of the DV alto and all the DVs, be prepared to use a harder reed than you normally do. This may or may not be the case for you. The great benefit of this is that a harder reed lasts longer and a harder reed helps the altissimo range. For this same reason, you may want to try a slightly more open tip than normal. For example, Meyer 6 players will usually play a DV Alto 7.


  • Includes a Rovner Star Series Ligature & Cap, Deluxe Mouthpiece Pouch and special Wood Cylinder case.
  • Tip openings:
    • 5 = .072 inch (1.8288 mm)
    • 6 = .078 inch (1.9812 mm)
    • 7 = .083 inch (2.1082 mm)
    • 8 = .090 inch (2.286 mm)
    • 9 = .100 inch (2.54 mm)
    • 9* = .105 inch (2.667 mm)
  • Material: 24kt heavy gold plated brass.
  • Chamber: small horseshoe shaped.
  • Suitable for: Funk, Rock, Latin, Smooth Jazz, Ska, Fusion, Straight Ahead.
  • Comparable players: Michael Brecker, Kenny G, Maceo Parker, David Sanborn, Kirk Whalum, Eric Marienthal, Tom Scott, Gerald Albright, Jeff Kashiwa, Ed Calle, Jeff Coffin, Andy Snitzer, Karl Denson.
  • Proprietary CNC facing technology.
  • Hand finished baffle, tip rail and table.
  • Shorter, proprietary facing length.
  • Secondary window.
  • Golden section proportioning.
  • Perfect radius facing curve.
  • Bigger, fatter tone.
  • Effortless playing, more harmonics.
  • Cleaner articulation.
  • Power and projection.
  • Unbelievable altissimo.


Weight 200 g
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 80 mm

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Saxophone Mouthpiece

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