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Steuer Exclusive Bb Clarinet Reeds 3.5 (Box of 10)

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These reeds by Steuer are a must-try for any clarinettist taking himself/herself seriously as a musician! This exciting reed for Bb clarinet has been designed with the requirements of the world’s top professionals in mind, making it a superb, reliable reed for players of all levels.

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These reeds by Steuer are a must-try for any clarinettist taking himself/herself seriously as a musician!

Marc Charpentier designed this exciting reed for Bb clarinet with the requirements of the world’s top professionals in mind. The Exclusive reed has greater stability over time than other Steuer reeds as the blanks used are cut in the direction of the cane growth from the core of thicker cane. The Exclusive reed has a superior density producing a warm sound that is rich in high-end harmonics.

  • High-end reed for demanding musicians.
  • Better stability over time thank to its unique cut made in the direction of growth.
  • Full sound, rich harmonics, precise articulations.
  • Excellent response in all registers.
  • Model designed by Marc Charpentier.
  • Box of 10 reeds in various strength (strength chart shows comparison to other popular reeds).

Strength Chart

Steuer Reeds Strength Chart Clarinet

Professional Reviews

Mark Walton, OutReach Music:


Mitch Berick, Principal Bass Clarinet, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra:

“The Exclusive and Classic cut clarinet reeds from Steuer Reeds are excellent quality and produce a warm and rich sound that is well centred and even across the whole range of the clarinet. They allow me to explore a wide range of colours and sounds without compromising tonal quality. The reeds are very versatile, letting me cover the extremes of dynamic and register required for clarinet solo and orchestral playing.

The response and articulation are also very good. Each reed is very consistent with a nice ease of attack. These reeds are very easy to play and I recommend them for players of all levels.”

(November 2020)


Floyd Williams, Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Queensland Conservatorium – Griffith University:

“The Steuer Classic and Exclusive reeds play very well for me. Judging from a small sample of 3, I would describe them as the most consistent reeds I’ve come across.

They have a lovely “ring” to the tone and required minimal adjustments for my set-up.
I recommend them highly.”

(January 2021)

About Steuer

As the soul of any woodwind instrument, thanks to its intimate communion with the artist who has chosen it, the reed is the key which unlocks all the performer’s potential…

In Germany, near Lake Constance in the late 1940s, a reed maker, Gebhart Steuer, called on Honorat Donati, a producer of music reed cane. This cane, Arundo donax, known for its exceptional vibratory qualities, grows along the shores of the Mediterranean, in the Var area of France.

The Donati family in Carqueiranne knows the secrets of good reed cane production. Simultaneously fragile, flexible, and strong (it bends but does not break), this long stem, from which the delicate little musical reeds will be produced, requires a great deal of care.

A reed cane stem is a living thing. As with a child, its development must be watched over with close and constant care.

The reed cane is grown with Passion.

Only an adaptable wood, which has been able to bend and develop its “muscles” at the mercy of the wind for many long months, can provide this combination of flexibility and sturdiness, essential to the demands of the Artist.

This is how the reed is able to meet the musician’s requirements.

And meeting these requirements will also depend on other factors, including a good match between the reed and the mouthpiece of the instrument, and the artist’s state of mind when playing: their emotion, their sensitivity. Every artist has their own different sonority.

After this initial contact all those years ago, many other trips from the Var region took place to visit the Steuer business, taken over by Hans and Dorothe Gillhaus in 1997.

In 2011, after several decades, nothing could be more natural than the Steuer company now being based in Carqueiranne, in Var, close to the musical reed plantations.

It is here that Steuer now continues to create and produce reeds to the highest standards, so essential to musicians, in keeping with the tradition of excellence which has forged its reputation.
The reed has come back to the land of its roots.


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