Superslick Brass Mouthpiece Brush


This little brush will clean out the throat and backbore of any brass mouthpiece. Its nylon bristles will not scratch, and the plastic covered shaft end is additional protection for your mouthpiece.

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If you play a brass instrument you know how important it is to keep the mouthpiece clean. Since the mouthpiece is constantly exposed to moisture while playing, it easily accumulates dust and debris. Thesenot only alter the performance of the instrument but can also pose risks to your personal health. The Superslick Brass Mouthpiece Brush is a must-have in your kit as it helps you clean the mouthpiece thoroughly without causing any damage to the instrument. It comes from a brand that has established a strong reputation in offering high quality care and maintenance products to the musicians all over the world. With this small brush that has soft nylon bristles and a plastic shaft, you will be able to clean the throat as well as the backbore of your mouthpiece without causing any scratches.


Weight 5 g
Dimensions 175 × 85 × 25 mm
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