Superslick Clarinet/Flute Hanky Swab


This clarinet/flute swab is made from cotton and measures 35cm x 35cm. It has a 96cm shoelace with a drop weight to easily pull it through your instrument. It absorbs moisture from your flute or clarinet, thereby protecting your pads.
It is durable and washable.
Colours vary.

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If you need a swab for cleaning your flute or clarinet, the Superslick Clarinet/Flute Hanky Swab is just the perfect one made for your needs. It comes from one of the leading brands with a tradition of producing high quality care and maintenance products for different musical instruments. The swab is made from high quality cotton and measures 35cm x 35cm. Its 96cm shoelace that comes with a drop weight allows you to easily pull it through your instrument. Made from washable fabric, it allows you to get rid of all the dust, debris and moisture that settle inside your instrument. Its absorption power will allow you to maintain your instrument in top condition and prevent its wear and tear.

These swabs are available in various colour shades – a random colour will be sent.


Weight 25 g
Dimensions 260 × 135 × 10 mm

Green, Brown

Product Type

Cleaning Cloth

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