Superslick Vinyl French Horn Cleaning Snake


This vinyl covered cleaning snake can be used to clean the tuning slides and lead pipe of your French Horn. It features a round brush on one end and a cone shaped one on the other. It is super flexible to reach all spots and will not scratch the horn.

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The Superslick Vinyl French Horn Snake is a must-have cleaning accessory for your French Horn. Using this, you will be able to clean the lead pipe and tuning slide of your instrument. Made from premium quality material, this nicely designed brush allows you maintain hygiene inside your instrument and prevents bacterial infestation inside the lead pipe of your horn. This practical brush makes cleaning easy and helps you get rid of all the dirt and debris that can accumulate over time.

The round brush has been specifically designed to offer complete cleaning inside the surface area of your pipe and tuning slide and the cone shaped tip allows you to reach those not-easy-to-clean areas. Being flexible, it prevents scratches inside the surface like some of its cheaper alternatives available in the market.


Weight 25 g
Dimensions 205 × 120 × 25 mm
Product Type

French Horn Snake

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