Taigor Action 7 Tenor Sax Mouthpiece w/ Lig & Cap

Offering the classical sound of jazz saxophonists, the Taigor Action provides you with a well-designed sound. It offers a more velvety and jazzy tone with well-amplified projection in the bass, middle and treble registers.

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The Taigor Action Tenor Sax Mouthpiece offers the typical classical sound of jazz saxophonists. Its well-designed sound and its affordable price will surprise you! The mouthpiece offers a more velvety and jazzy tone with well-amplified projection in the bass, middle and treble registers.

This is a narrow mouthpiece, not unlike many metal mouthpieces. As a result, you will need to ensure that your ligature works with this mouthpiece.

A ligature and cap are included. If you wish to purchase an alternative one, we recommend the BG LFJ7 Flex Jazz for Selmer/Jody Jazz/Lebayle or the BG L21RJ Revelation Jazz for Dukoff-Larsen. Other ligatures will work too, but we recommend you get in touch with us in case of doubt.

This Taigor Action Tenor Sax Mouthpiece is suitable for saxophonists of all levels and is available in two tip openings:

  • Tip opening #7: ~2.30mm
  • Tip opening #8: ~2.50mm


“The ‘Action’ is a fantastic intermediate jazz piece! Exuding a beautiful medium to dark tone quality and featuring a great playing response this piece is also very easy and free blowing across all registers. The ‘Action’ provides a solid sound that highlights the warm, brassy timbre of the saxophone.”

Evan Batkin, teacher & artist


  • Comes with a storage pouch
  • Includes a ligature and mouthpiece cap
  • Suitable for: jazz

About Taigor Mouthpieces

Brazilian company Taigor was born in early 2015 and aims to bring quality and efficiency to the saxophone market.

Taigor mouthpieces are made with molds to ensure a consistent manufacturing process. All finishing and adjustment is done by hand, and the mouthpieces are tested individually.

The company seeks to use the newest technologies and the best raw materials to acquire a superior sound quality, equivalent to the best mouthpieces available.

As well as this, Taigor mouthpieces are only ever polished and never painted to maintain the quality of the material and provide excellent tone colours.

Some endorsers of the Taigor Mouthpiece line-up include Kelven Alves, Danila Macedo, David Calixto Souza and Ronaldo Silva.


Weight 95 g
Dimensions 150 × 60 × 60 mm

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Saxophone Mouthpiece

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