Superslick Clarinet Care Kit


A great assortment of high quality products to care for your Clarinet.

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The Superslick Clarinet Care Kit is a must have product for all clarinet players. It comes from a brand that has for years enjoyed the trust and love ofprofessional musicians. It helps you achieve the kind of performance you expect from your instrument for a long time. The kit includes a great assortment of high quality Clarinet cleaning products and everything that you would need to care for and maintain your prized instrument. Moisture and dust damage your clarinet over time and can lead to accumulation of debris. You can avoid incurring a hefty repair bill by using this cleaning kit. The kit includes:

  • Wood Polish Cloth
  • Tiger Rag Body Swab
  • Superslick Cork Grease
  • Superslick Key & Rotor Oiler
  • Tiger Rag Neck Swab
  • Mouthpiece Brush
  • Double End Duster Brush
  • Care Instructions


Weight 75 g
Dimensions 200 × 130 × 35 mm
Product Type

Cleaning Kit

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