Superslick Bore Oil for Wooden Instruments


This bore oil is a necessary essential for all wooden instruments to prevent the instrument’s insides from cracking and drying up. The Superslick special formula also prevents build up of moulds and fungi that can grow on the inside of the instrument.

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Wooden instruments require tender care as they tend to wear over a period of time. This can prevent them from producing the best sounds. With Superslick Bore Oil you will be able to preventthe inside of your instrument from drying up and cracking. The oil is made from a special formula that arrests the growth of fungi and mould inside your instrument that can often alter the sounds that come out of it. It is 100% natural organic oil that doesn’t cause any damage to your instrument.

  • Comes in a 10 ml dropper bottle
  • Special formula oil that can be applied to all wooden bore instruments such as oboe and clarinet.
  • Prevents dryness on the surface of the materials and cracking
  • Does away with blockages that affect the sound of the instrument.

Please take note: if not done properly, oiling a wooden instrument can go wrong very easily and cause serious pad damage. Although this product is for sale through our store, we strongly recommend you have your instrument oiled by a professional musical instrument repair technician.


Weight 40 g
Dimensions 100 × 40 × 40 mm
Product Type

Bore Oil

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