Superslick Vinyl Trumpet/Cornet Cleaning Snake


This vinyl covered cleaning snake is used to clean your trombone’s  tuning slides and lead pipe. It is super flexible for hard to reach spots and will not scratch the horn.

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The Superslick Vinyl Trumpet/Cornet Snake comes from a brand that is loved and revered by musicians from all over the world. A perfect cleaning tool, it allows you to clean the trumpet’s tuning slides and lead pipe better than other similar products available in the market. It allows you to reach those corners inside the trumpet and the cornet that are invisible to the naked eyes.

With this flexible snake you will be able to clean both the inside of the instruments as well as their body. The premium quality bristles on both ends of the snake allow you to run it through the entire instrument and get rid of all the debris and particles that have accumulated inside. It won’t lead to any scratches as is common with sub-standard products.


Weight 20 g
Dimensions 210 × 110 × 20 mm
Product Type

Trumpet Snake

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